Everyone is talking about this new movie, The Shape of Water. The film is critically acclaimed and won four Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

All the media commotion about the film got me thinking about the ways I’ve integrated water into the properties I’ve designed over the years.

I admit I am more concerned with the shape of homes than the shape of water! However, I have a special appreciation for properties with swimming pools.

Here is a little information about five properties I have designed with swimming pools.



Bellevue Hill house

This house in Bellevue Hill is absolutely gorgeous. The swimming pool is large and, when the lighting is right, the water is a stunning, shimmering blue.

This property is an old and luxurious mansion. Working in conjunction with interior decorator Karen Gordon, we restored the property to its former glory.


Queens Park house

This pool is small but gorgeous. As you can see, it photographs well!

I gave the swimming pool a glass edge, which created the illusion of a small internal courtyard.

The mosaic tiles around the pool, added to the travertine floors, were made by the owner and their children. This provided more character and, of course, a really personal touch.



Rozelle house

The swimming pool in this house in Rozelle is situated next to a nice neat grass lawn. The living room opens up to this space, which gives it a tranquil feel.

Originally this property was in poor condition, with sloping floors and rotting ceilings. It had great potential, however, and it was a joy to make it beautiful and spacious.



Bellevue Hill house 2

The swimming pool on this property was originally dislocated from the rest of the house.

When I discovered this I thought, this is simply not on! So I created a new room that enhanced the view of the pool. It made a world of difference, making the pool a part of the house.

In addition to this, I also substantially redesigned the downstairs of the property, so that it provided lots of cross-ventilation and space to entertain.