I know I have been quiet over the last couple of months, but my Instagram feed will tell you why. I was in Italy! Back to reality now and here are the most recent updates for this Randwick house. The design incorporates the client’s brief of being separated into two zones. The study and family room at the front of the house, and at the rear the living spaces. Unique to this property is a large eucalyptus tree that needed to be designed around. I have previously posted about this project in its earliest phases.

The original part of the house has been restored at the front (due to the conservation zone in Randwick) but the rear part has been renovated and a link connecting between the old and the new has been designed with a garden in between.

The new addition added to the rear begins.

Zinc cladding is revealed and the upper level can be seen taking shape. The large eucalyptus can be seen clearly here. The rear living spaces (dining, kitchen and sitting) look out onto the garden.

The kitchen is a wing that sides the rear courtyard, the roofline can be seen taking shape. The house has been designed to suit the needs of a family with two young children and the spaces are designed to be able to evolve and grow, as the family does.