I don’t know about other architects, but I love drawing. I often carry a sketchbook with me, particularly
on weekends and while travelling, and am very happy to whittle away the time by drawing what’s in front of me.

What’s in front of me changes, of course, depending on where I am. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful
Sydney suburb where stunning coastlines are practically a stone’s throw away. I also, as you might have
guessed from below, love travelling.

I thought I would share with you a small selection of my sketches. If you are on Instagram,
you can find plenty more and follow me here.


I drew this sketch when I was in Kyoto, Japan three years ago. Such a beautiful place.
As I was drawing, the women in traditional attire walked past with her daughter.


This is Bronte beach one fine afternoon. Another beautiful spot. I drew this picture very close to
the path,listening in on conversations as people walked past. It was very meditative.


And now, for a splash of colour! This picture captures a Sunday afternoon, walking the dogs at
Bondi golf course.Nic and William the whippet are in the corner.


I drew this on my last morning in my favourite city, Venice. I was sitting with my cousin
chatting as I drew this fairly typical Venice scene. It was a perfect, picturesque, sunny morning.


This is a watercolour of the historic Tykocin Synagogue. It was taken when our family came from
Sydney to Poland, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the genocide of the Jews in Tykocin.