The process of designing a kitchen for my clients is a collaborative one, as we work together to understand how they want to live, and from that exploring the shapes and proportions of spaces. Carefully planning and designing a kitchen that is harmonious to their lives allows my clients to feel at ease, comfortable in a space that will grow with them. By better understanding how they intend to use their kitchen I am able to create custom cabinetry that caters to their needs, and I design through an understanding of my client’s physicality, arranging workspaces to their heights and crafting cabinetry and storage solutions responsive to their lifestyle. The intelligent design of storage is important as it allows for a messy kitchen to be quickly transformed into a neat and orderly environment for entertaining, accommodating a family’s spill over.

The kitchen of my 2011 Coogee Apartment is smaller, but a light colour scheme, thoughtful detailing and storage solutions maximise the available space.

Kitchens can be a place of socialising, where the process of cooking can be made enjoyable by thoughtful consideration of how people wish to live – how they intend to use the kitchen and the role it has within their house. It is part of an ongoing discussion I have with my clients as we figure out what their desired experiences are in each space, and how we can work together to make that happen.

Beyond merely re-designing the kitchen space, I examine its relationship to adjacent areas, and how they can be enhanced to affect it, as subtle changes in one area can have incredible effects on the sensations of another.

The light, open kitchen of my 2016 Bondi House is closely connected to the living, dining and outdoor spaces, creating a large space for the family to be together in.