Recent Pool Designs.

Over the years I have designed a number of swimming pools for a range of clients and sites. Here are two recent pools designed but yet to be built (assisted by Pilar Zapata Erice in the design and sketchup drawings)

South Coogee Pool.

The first pool in South Coogee (images above) is located in an awkward site (hence the polygon shape) and the land fell in such a way that the pool and associated landscape needed to mediate between the main living area and then connect to the basement space below.

Grass steps helped to create multi-usable spaces allowing for sitting, lying on and socialising between these spaces and pool.

There were a number of issues with this as we were modifying the original design to not only meet pool safety requirements but also in order to gain approval under the (CDC) Complying Development Code. CDC compliance meant we needed to further modify how the levels worked.



Eastern Suburbs Pool.

The second pool design (images above and below) has only recently been completed and presented to the client. This pool, while not located on a challenging site, again needed to be designed so that it could mediate between the levels of the main living area, located 2.1 metres above the grassed area in the design. It also required us to manage and maintain improved privacy to the neighbours.



What are the main design considerations when considering installing a pool?

– Seek the best location of the pool so there is the ability to have constant surveillance from the general living areas.
– Make sure the pool is easily located from the living areas and has a direct relation to them.
– Endeavour to make the pool the ‘water feature’ of the house.
– Provide additional features such as waterflow, built in seats, spa, toddler area.
– Is it for exercise? Maximise the length or add swim jets to gain the exercise if the space is limited.
– All of the above while addressing the pool safety compliance.

Why is it better to have an architect design the pool and surrounds?

An architect has an understanding of not only the pool but its location in relation to the house and living experience.
The life expectancy of the pool would be the same as the house, if not longer, if designed correctly.

When not to install a pool?

– If the site is small, as you wouldn’t want it to dominate the space, you would reconsider a pool.
– if it is only required for a short interval in the life of the house and occupants.