We are thrilled to announce that the new BBQ and entertainment area at our Bellevue Hill project has been completed and looks fantastic. This transformation has breathed new life into an awkward, previously disused part of the site, turning it into a lush and vibrant social space. This area is the final piece of a significant landscaping makeover that reconnects the residence with its beautiful outdoor environment.

This new courtyard is the third point in a triangle of landscaping works, alongside the new pool and street-facing landscaping, creating a seamless connection between the house and its outdoor spaces. Acting as the terminating point of a series of social spaces that start at the pool and flow through the kitchen and living areas, this courtyard gives a new identity to the upper part of the sloping site.

Key features of the courtyard include:

  • Sweeping Concrete Bench Seat and Planter: This element defines the perimeter, creating inviting seating areas that soften the existing walls of the garden and house.
  • Cosy Dining Area: At the rear of the courtyard, the bench seat reshapes the angular space, creating a comfortable dining area. The pergola overhead frames this outdoor room and includes a retractable awning and outdoor heaters for all-season use.
  • Central BBQ: The BBQ, made from the same concrete as the bench seat, serves as a focal point. It is finished with a micro cement render that complements the sandy pavers and is framed by a beautiful blue-green tiled splashback. The splashback is capped with the same stone pavers used throughout the site, and during the day, the glass tiles reflect sunlight to create a shimmering backdrop that can be seen through the kitchen window. At night, an LED recessed into the stone capping illuminates the area.
  • Elliptical Daybed: To the left of the BBQ, the bench seat transforms into an elliptical daybed, perfect for soaking up the sun. This feature frames the far end of the courtyard, and the planter continues beyond it, stepping down the redesigned side path to visually extend towards the front of the house.

This project is the culmination of a series of interventions that have fundamentally redefined the relationship between the house and its surroundings. New pathways have improved access across the site, and the new outdoor spaces have encouraged formerly introverted rooms to embrace the outside environment.

We are currently finalizing the lighting, and once completed, the area will be professionally photographed. We can’t wait to share the stunning images with you!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos!