I am absolutely thrilled to share with you the completion of our Rose Bay project! This project holds a special place in my heart as it symbolises nearly three decades of collaboration with these wonderful clients. It all began when I had just established my own practice, and I was approached to undertake the initial renovations on this property. These initial works included adding an upper storey and reconfiguring the family room downstairs.

As time passed, we continued to evolve the property, introducing a new kitchen, bathrooms, and adapting the space to suit the changing needs of the family. When the clients entrusted me once again to enhance their home for the next chapter of their lives, I was truly honoured.

The objective this time was to transform the single car garage into a double garage with a ramp, replacing the stairs with a new internal lift for easier access throughout the house. We reimagined various areas of the house to create distinct living spaces, repurposing a guest bathroom into a pantry, and adding a new bathroom and extra storage. These changes were meticulously planned to accommodate overseas family visits and the clients’ future needs as they age gracefully in their beloved home.

The success of this project can be largely attributed to the fantastic rapport we share with both the clients and the skilled builders at PureBuild. Their dedication and expertise translated into a remarkable level of detail and finish, resulting in stunning internal spaces and a significantly enhanced street presence.

More than just enhancing accessibility and functionality, these modifications offer the clients the opportunity to continue living in their home as they grow older, preserving their cherished memories and connections within the community. It’s a testament to our ongoing relationship with the clients and our mutual dedication to transforming their living spaces, ensuring that their house remains a place of comfort and joy through the years.

For me, this project embodies the essence of what I value most in my work – building lasting relationships and creating spaces that truly reflect and enhance the lives of my clients. It’s not just about the projects themselves, but about the privilege of translating a client’s vision and lifestyle into tangible, beautifully designed spaces.