Queens Park House

This was a single story family house with an attic. The clients had three children and needed to expand it.

An upper level was created to accommodate three bedrooms and one study for the parents. The property is situated next to a park, so windows needed to be carefully placed to ensure privacy.

A classic modernising look was created. This was achieved by increasing the traditional overhang of the eaves (like the brim of a sunhat) and setting in the upper level, which provided articulation to the upper level whilst maintaining a traditional-like appearance in the conservation area.

The internal courtyard was revamped. This included introducing a swimming pool with a glass edge, increasing the illusion of a small internal courtyard.

Mosaics, made by the owner and their children, were added to the travertine floors. This provided more character and personalization of the space, to make it feel more like their home.

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