Rozelle House

The original property was in poor condition. The floors sloped, things were falling to pieces and the walls, floors and ceilings were rotting. It had to be entirely replaced.

Council regulations in this area were very strict and the street presentation had to resemble a cottage. The front looks like a single story, but in fact it is two levels. The two bedrooms in the upper part of the front cottage have varied ceiling heights and attic style roofs.

The land sloped up to the rear. The house was designed to maximise the space by stepping up the two levels mirroring the land.

A north courtyard was created above the garage, with a planter box installed to provide privacy from the street. A stairwell with glass captures light, distributing it throughout the house.

The living room opens up to both the northern courtyard and the backyard, which has a swimming pool and a neat grass lawn.

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