Can you believe it’s April already? The year goes by so fast! I thought I would take the time to tell you a little about an exciting new project I am working on.

It’s a house design for a property in Rose Bay. I am currently putting the finishing touches on it, and will soon file a DA (Development Application) to the relevant council.

This house is for a family with three children. Their current place has a main level elevated from the outdoors space by about two metres, meaning its relationship with the outside space is not ideal.

We have re-organised it so that you enter the house at street level. Then descend five steps, so the ceiling height is over three and a half metres. This means there is a direct relationship to the outdoor area, swimming pool and entertaining area.


Because north was oriented to the side of the house, overshadowed by another property, I created a courtyard in the middle of the property.

The courtyard provides a link between the family room, the kitchen and the more formal living areas, as well as capturing light and cross-ventilation.

I have recently achieved this (capturing and distributing northern light) on another job, which has recently been approved. My designs change depending on the property’s orientation.

Once I submit the designs for the Rose Bay house for approval, the council will take anywhere between three to nine months to process it. It has been designed, of course, so that it complies with  regulations.

Once the designs are approved, we can move forward with construction. It will be great to see the house when it’s built!